Enable Visual Studio javascript debugging on IE11 and other browsers

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1. Enable script debugging

On the right top core of IE11, click "Settings" (the gear icon) -> Click "Advance" tab -> scroll down to "Browsing" secition -> Clear "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)

2. Trigger debug in javascript

Another trick is to add "debugger;" to your javascript, it will stop there when you debug on other browsers (like Chrome, Edge, etc). This will resolve the issue that even script debugging is enabled, but debug still doesn't stop (probably because the old script is cached).

3. Attach to  browser

Visual Studio menu of debugging has an option to attach to the browser. This also allows you to choose script debugging, just not as convenient.

4. Log javascript object

In javascript code use console.log(obj) to log object, then start debugging, on the browser, click F12 open developer console, select console, you can see the object values logged.

5. Debug in Chrome DevTools

On chrome DevTools (click F12), you can view your javascript code and set break-points for debugging.

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