Microsoft Dynamics 365 trial register and trouble shooting tips

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Register Dynamic 365 30 days trial account

2. Click "Sign up here"
3. Click "No, continue signing up"
4. Enter your country, name, email, phone number, email, etc. 
To be noticed, you need a company email address and company name. You can't use hotmail, but Yahoo email sometimes can be valid work email, if you paid to Yahoo for Business.
5. Click next, choose a email for trial account and password. (It's a dummy email, you company name is part of the email, but it doesn't need to be exactly the company name.)
6. Click create account. Then choose "All of these" to select all seniarios of Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation. Click "Complete Setup".
7. Wait for a while, your account will be created. Be sure to write down your url and login user account.

Trouble shooting tips

1. If you got error that user don't have security role assigned

1) Login to office portal with an admin account.
2) Click the 9 dots sign at the top left corner and select "Admin".
3) Click the 2 people sign and select groups. Find a group with type "Security". Create one if you don't have any.
4) Click the single person sign, select "Active Users". Click "Edit" besides group membership and add the security group.

2. If you got an error that you can't add Dynamic 365 service since your Admin disabled "self-service"
1) Login to Azure admin portal with an admin account.
2) Click "Azure Active Directory" on the left, then click "Enterprise applicationis".
3) Select "Dynamics365 Production", then select "self-service".
4) Besides "Allow users to request access to this application?" check "Yes"
3. Dynamics SDK version issues
You need to download different version of SDKs:

Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Development Kit (SDK) V8
Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Development Kit (SDK) V9 with nuget or power shell.

There're reasons for download both versions, otherwise 2 issues may occur.
1) You have to use V9 version of Plugin Registration Tool, otherwise it can't login to Dynamic 365.
2) You may have to use V8 version of the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll, otherwise your code may not compile or have issues.

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