Why Can't We Yeet Our Garbage To the SUN

Is launching our garbage into the sun an effective way to control waste management on earth?


World produces 2.6 million pounds of garbage per year. It would cost $33 quadrillian in Adrian V Rockets (168 million) to send a year's worth of garbage into the Earth's orbit. To send the garbage to the sun it would cost $330 quadrillion (ten times to send garbage into Earth's orbit). The world's GDP: $77 trillion.

Estimated that launching materials into space would cost $22,000/kg - $208 trillion per day. It will cost 5800 times the amount the US makes in a day: $58 billion.


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Sending trash into space also disrupts the Earth's closed cycle: resources eventurally recycle.

In order to send a rocket into the sun, the rocket needs to be able to accelerate to a 30 km/s (over 65,000 mph) in the opposite direction of the Earth's orbit around the sun or else the rocket will miss the sun and just loop back around bacause of the sun's gravity. It also only takes 11 km/s to escape the solar system.

The closer the planet is to the sun, the harder it is to send a rocket into the sun because the orbit is much faster, so it would be more efficient to go to the outer solar system and then to the sun.

This also why NASA proposed that we first travel to Jupiter then set the trajectory towards the sun as it would need to be accelerated to a slower speed.

Nuclear Waste

U.S. Yucco Mountain nuclear waste plan cost $58 billion over 100 years - one third of the cost to launch that waste into space - risk: might explode.

Crash into the Sun

Containers that hold nulear waste are very heavy, too heavy to carry into space. Containers must be lighter, making things more dangerous.

An explosion would spread radiation in all directions.

But the nuclear waste could fuel the sun (the sun sustains power through nuclear reactions).

Lighter could means thinner containers - radiation may leak into the atmosphere and into rain clouds.